Ipsha Athletics

Leading up to Tuesday the 29 of August which is the day of IPSHA (Independent Primary School Heads of Australia) athletics competition, me and a bunch of other girls have been training every single Tuesday doing all different types of athletics to enter the IPSHA athletics competition where a bunch of schools get together and compete to go to the next level CIS.  I was doing 100 metre run, 200 metre run and high jump. I came 2nd for my individual race for 100 metre and 3rd for my individual race and both of those places weren’t enough to go to CIS but when I got to my high jump I came second overall and the top 6 gets to go to CIS so i’m going to CIS !!!!!!! Me and 6 other girls all get to go to CIS and hopefully make it through to the next stage. I had so much fun on this day and I can’t wait for CIS!!

Athletics carnival

This term we had our athletics carnival where we all dressed up in house colours and had a exhausting day. I was house captain of my house, Franklin so I wore lots of blue and cheered everyone on. We did lots of field events and I came second in high jump! We were so tired by the end of the day and everyone did their very best. Then came the awards and I won 7 ribbons and came second for the overall point score. And the best part FRANKLIN WON!!!!!!!!We overall had a amazing day for our last junior school carnival.

Passion project reflection

On thursday the 8th of june year 6 presented their passion project to parents and other grades. The thing I most enjoyed about the experience was everybody asking questions about your passion and little kindies coming up and playing with my elephants and snake. I learnt a lot from the experience but the thing I learnt the most was to never give up even if your whole entire passion project fails. I would definitely next time be more prepared in what I do to set up because I was really rushed. I really liked Erins -(http ://erinm231.edublogs.org/)  passion project because she dissected a sheeps brain which I really found interesting.

Passion project week 5

This week is passion project week 5! I am so sorry I missed last weeks post but this week will be different. So last week I kept trying on the elephant but eventually it just collapsed and fell in. I have learned to just move on and keep trying but now with a slightly different focus. I am now going to be make smaller clay animals. I have started on a elephant and a snake. I will be painting the elephant and snake next week.

Passion project week 3

This week is week 3!!!! And I have accomplished a lot. This week I have done 4 elephant

Making the first two legs

legs. I used a huge block of clay to make the legs. I also used water to make it more easy to work with. I used a skewer to draw fine detail like the nails. I am trying to aim to do the elephant body this week using skewers to help it stand up. I got really messy in the process. At the end my hands looked like they were covered in Mud!





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Passion project week 2

This week I will be starting to sketch and research materials on want I am going use.

Equipment/resources information skills
Clay-friendly paint/paintbrush I will need to use clay friendly paint because it might cr

ack if it is the wrong paint.

I need to be very careful so that I don’t do it wrong.
Apoxie Sculpt Epoxy Modeling Compound Clay


For the whole project, clay is the most essential part. I need to use the clay in the right way and I need to have concentration.
Clay utensil To sculpt little details. Motor skills.
Maybe glue If it breaks I can just glue it together rather than doing it all again. I need to be resilient and not give up if it fails the first time


My passion project

This year in school we were asked to do passion projects! A passion project is when we do projects that are based on our what our passions are. I am very passionate about art but I have never done a sculpture before so I would like to give it a try. I also really like animals so I would like to my first sculpture of an elephant. I would be using clay to do my sculpture and I will be using paint to paint my sculpture.

week 1- sketch sculpture and research materials

week 2- get clay and start basic structure

week 3- in detail start sculpting

week 4-  continue sculpting and bake 

week 5-paint

week6- paint over again to stop cracks

week 7-start writing about the steps on how you did this on paper

Every week I will be posting about how my passion project is going along. Thank you for reading!


I really love all types of quotes whether it is positive or weird. I really like quotes because it can lighten someones mood in an instant! This is my favourite quote:

Image result for quote impossible I really like this quote because when you think can’t do something then you remember nothing is impossible! Quotes make you so happy and so cheerful throughout the day that you will end up being so HAPPY. Here are some of by other favourites:

Image result for inspirational quotes Image result for funny inspirational quotesImage result for quotes that make you happy

Thank you for reading!


Year 6

Hello everyone, I am now in year 6! this is the third week of me coming back to school, and I have enjoyed all of it so far. This year we also have took on leader ship roles, which my leader ship role is house captain. I am so excited to partner up with  imogeno23.edublogs.org  and run fundraisers, credits and athletics and swimming carnival. The swimming carnival has already come and gone, and i’m excited to announce our house won! We also get to do the school musical which will be lots of fun as well. Im excited for the upcoming year and I cant wait to see what happens next!

My Holidays

Hello everyone! These holidays I have been doing lots of exciting things which I thought I should share with you. At the beginning of my holidays I went to basketball camp with my friends, ashelyfi23.edublogs.org chelseal23.edublogs.org,  siennam23.edublogs.org and we had lots of fun shooting hoops and dribbling. My baby cousin came up to see me and she was so cute! We had lots of fun going to the beach celebrating her 1st birthday. I also had lots of fun visiting my friends and having lots of sleepovers. I later in the holidays went to Melbourne to visit my grandma and we went to the movies and saw Moana. We also had to move to our rental house for our renovations. And in between all of that we had lots of beach days how about you? I really want to know what of you have been up to you can tell me in the comments. I hope had lots of fun during the holidays because I sure did!

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